may cause random
acts of kindness.


Unexpected moments of joy with BELLA Surprises.

BELLA Surprise!

Anytime you swipe your BELLA Card you could spontaneously receive
2 types of Surprises:

Surprise from BELLA
5-200% cashback on the purchase

Surprise from another BELLA Member
who could pick up their tab just to share some love



They can keep it themselves, share it with other BELLA Members, or donate it to initiatives that are meaningful to them and our Community.

Karma Account

“Caffè sospeso” is an Italian tradition where someone buys two coffees, drinks only one, and leaves the other, the “sospeso,” prepaid for a future customer. We are bringing this act of giving into banking with our
Karma Account.

Try it yourself.


Deposit money in your Karma Account and make another BELLA customer’s day, randomly, by picking up their next coffee, subway ride, or movie ticket.

BELLALovesMe100 index

Love is all around!



We know that together, we can be the change.


The BELLALovesMe100 index index showcases acts of love and kindness in our community in real time, performed by BELLA and by our members.


How many people are receiving BELLA Surprise?

Karma Score

Unlike other banks,
we put our people and our values before everything.


This is not a credit risk score. It’s a score using our proprietary LoveData system to celebrate our members being good humans. Karma is based on your actions helping others and our Karma Score is a representation of you becoming a better version of YOU in this world.

*BELLA accounts are provided and issued by nbkc bank, Member FDIC. Further, balances held in a BELLA accounts benefit from up to $5,000,000 of FDIC insurance per customer. This is possible because Bella and nbkc arranged for your deposits to be spread across a network of FDIC insured banks, where no more than $250,000 of your funds in your BELLA account will be deposited at any single institution in the bank network. Balances in your accounts may be moved by nbkc to one or more network banks to increase the amount of FDIC insurance available to you. Once the funds arrive at the network banks, they are eligible for FDIC insurance per customer of up to $5,000,000 in aggregate. Please be aware that your amount of FDIC insurance may be lower if the combination of any balances you maintain at a network bank, plus any deposits from your BELLA account(s) held in the same network bank, exceed $250,000. Learn more at:

BELLA is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by nbkc bank, Member FDIC.